Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I maintained a email correspondence and visited him when I could. He wrote me an email the morning he passed... we would talk about the state of the world, religion and humanity. I did not known him until about six years ago, but since that time, we had become good friends. I had asked him to marry my wife and I, he tried for a few months (in his 90's) to subdue his german accent and we he could not, he declined because my wife's family are Jewish and he was afraid his accent would draw unnecessary focus on our wedding day. He had a long history with my family, he used to play music with my great grandmother in Rochester NYC. My own mother and her sisters, who had lost there father when they we young looked up to Paul and for my mother (and maybe her sisters) he was her only male role . Having got to know him myself, I realize that is an impossible standard as he was without a doubt, the best, most honorable, ethical and true person I have ever met. I am so grateful for the time I got to spend with him and will take great strength from him to face the world now without him. He is so important to me as he is to so many who had the honor of meeting him. I am so sad to have lost him, I looked to up him and I loved him. I will miss him, as we all will. The world has lost the greatest man I've ever had the pleasure to have known.

[Edward Fletcher]

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